Stolen information by FamilySearch

Stolen information

To the left is an example of stolen information from my website which is located on FamilySearch. Even the photo was stolen

Some people who are unscrupulously busy uploading data from anyone to Geneanet and others.

No contact person anywhere.

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Enough !

I notice that many people copy personal data and images from my websites without my permission.

Many of them post that information on international websites without my permission. Just citing the source is really not enough.

Usually these people are not reachable or do not give home.

Apparently they think quantity is more important than quality.

I wonder what some are up to. They pull thousands of unverified genealogy records from the Internet and put them into Geneanet. Usually not even family members. What's the point?

In addition, many place personal data on the internet in violation of the (European) Personal Data Protection Act and copyright.
That's why I no longer put images on the internet without a watermark

Without scruples

Without scruples

To the right are screenshots of some people who are unscrupulously busy uploading data from anyone to Geneanet.

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